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I started FXB for the Fall Session of 2012 with my girlfriend Jamie Fobian (also an Instructor/Coach at Iowa City and Oakdale), I thought I knew what my potential was in terms of fitness, racing etc. but I quickly realized I had no idea! I remember my first day of Kickboxing just standing there after class wondering how I was going to make it through 10 weeks! Here I am, a bicycle racer, runner, obstacle racer, all around active guy and I just had my butt handed to me in 45 minutes. I looked around the room and saw all the different people and wondered how can they be smiling....why do they keep coming back after 10 took me a little bit to figure out what my Level 10 was and why they talked about it all the time. I found something inside of me that I had never knew was there. I had something beyond that 2nd, 3rd...4th wind and it felt good. After a few weeks of FXB my bike racing started improving and I had friends and teammates coming up to me asking what I was doing! Not only was I racing better, I looked a little better in my Spandex! By the end of FXB I was actually competitive in my races and missed out on a couple of victories (one was definitely blamed on the fact that I did not skip leg day and felt so good I entered an extra race). I had great results at 10 Weeks and I decided to keep going. I was asked to be a coach and instructor in the Iowa City Location and I jumped at the chance and loved it! It is so rewarding being able to help people on their journeys, then in the Spring of 2014, I was offered the opportunity to become the Business Manager here at Oakdale. So after some thought, I quit my job (I had been there 17 years) and jumped in feet first! I really hope you accept our challenge to get out of your comfort zones and really push you limits! I want each and every one of you to stop telling yourself you ‘can’t’ do something, take ‘can’t’ out of your vocabulary!

I truly feel honored to be a part of the stories you are beginning to write during this stage of your journey, remember that it is a journey, the finish line is not just at the 10 Week mark, regardless if you stay on at FXB or not, I hope that you can take something from this program and use it in your life.

WE have ALL been where you are right now, don't be afraid to ask questions!

Keep up the great work! You deserve the best! 6 Days a Week. 45 Minutes each day = 270 minutes that are YOURS make the most of each one!

I started Farrell’s in January of 2008 when I signed up for the 10 week challenge at the
West Des Moines location. I had heard about FXB, but didn’t know much about it and
was looking for a program that was intense, supportive, and would hold me
accountable. It didn’t take long for me to realize Farrell’s was that and so much more!
After my 10 weeks I became a F.I.T. member and continued to love the atmosphere and
My husband and I moved to Ankeny, where I continued to stay a member of Farrell’s
and became an instructor. I loved the opportunity of being able to drive members to
reach their level 10, and support them through their own journeys of transformation. It
drove me to push myself harder, as well as challenge the others around me. This, and
the friendships I made helped me physcially and mentally feel my absolute best.
After moving to Iowa City, I was excited to become a part of the FXB Oakdale team! It
was awesome to be able to continue my journey with Farrell’s, while meeting a great
group of people - instructors and members - who supported and pushed me right from
the start. The energy and motivation I get from FXB is unlike any other and after all this
time, I still look forward to my morning workouts and helping others reach their goals.

I started Farrell’s January 2014. I did not like the way I looked in my clothes, felt uncomfortable in my own body and had a hard time enjoying the rides at amusement parks with my family due to my weight. Yes I thought I was working on becoming healthier because I was a member at gym for a few years and would go in and work out. I first started going a regular basis and getting on those machines doing what I thought would get me in shape. I really did not know what I was doing but thought it was better than doing nothing at all. Then I would come up with excuses like I am too tired, I don’t want to get out in the cold to go work out, I would rather talk on the phone, watch my son at his swim practice and only go when it was “convenient” for me. At this time I had a friend who was doing Farrell’s and thought that I could never do it because I was not in shape like she was and there was no way I was going to work out in front of other people. I like to hide and do my own thing. I knew what I was doing was not working for me and kept hearing those commercials on the radio about how Farrell’s can transform your life. When I heard those commercial I always thought to myself, yeah right, but knew I needed to try something different. It took me a while to finally get up the courage to go in and sign up. I remember I was so nervous walking through the door that my heart was pounding and I was even kind of embarrassed going in. There was a class going on and it looked very intense. I thought to myself that there was no way I could keep up with the class. The person signing me up was very friendly, and could tell I was nervous coming in. They talked a lot to me about the Farrell’s program and told me that I could do it. So I finally signed up!

During my 10 weeks, I lost weight, inches, body fat but still had a long way to go in my mind. Still feeling a little nervous about working out in front of others, I decided to sign up as a FIT member because this program was actually working for me!

I started Farrell’s only knowing one person, being very shy, not being confident in myself, being tired and down with life, and weighting 205lbs. Now with the help of the Farrell’s program I have a lot more confidence in myself with all the support from everyone from the manager, instructors, coaches, and other FIT members. I eventually became confident enough to become a coach and an instructor!

Farrell’s is not like any other gym. I would not call it a gym. Yes, you do go in and work out at your level 10, but it is a place where people are very encouraging, non-judgmental, made up for all ages and body shapes. It has a great social atmosphere where you will make some new friends who have the same goal as you, to have a heathier life style! I consider Farrell’s to be my second family.

I joined FXB in September 2010 knowing the brief, but intense 45 minute classes and easy to follow nutrition plan would be an effective way to kick start me back into did that and more. The wide variety of people who start as "10 weekers" and stay on as F.I.T. members continues to amaze me and is a big reason I am thankful to be a part of the Farrell's family. Not being an upfront kind of person, I saw my next challenge...stepping up to be an instructor and coach. So, in 2011 I did just that and have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet more people and be a part of helping them get started on their fitness goals. I am constantly being challenged to improve myself along with them. It is a joy to see so many positive transformations and healthy lifestyle changes which spread to so many other areas of our lives!
I started my Farrell’s journey in April of 2013, I needed something to help me kick start a weight loss goal that I had for an upcoming event. I’d tried working out on my own, I’d tried other local gyms and classes but didn’t see the results I wanted, and if I’m being honest…. I didn’t always feel obligated to go or to watch what was going into my mouth. That all changed when I started Farrell’s, not only did I find an incredible support system to help me achieve my goals, I found that my coach, instructors and fellow class members held me accountable for those goals. They taught me about nutrition and how to do all the right things to get where I wanted to be.
I joined Farrell’s in January 2010 and was able to drag my husband, Gary, with me. With regard to my fitness regime, I’ve always been pretty good about exercising regularly. I like to run and did so 3-4 times a week. I went back and forth on the weight training and diet, and thus never got to the fitness level that I wanted. My brother went through FXB in Des Moines and was confident that it would be something I would love. He was right! It has been the first routine with which I don’t dread getting up at 4:15 to make it to the 5 AM class.

After my first 10 weeks, I lost 9 pounds, several inches, and almost 4 percent body fat. More importantly, my mental status has improved tremendously. There is just something about taking out one’s frustrations on a bag.

I love what Farrell’s has done for me both physically and mentally, and hope that those who join will experience the same thing.

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